Getting Motivated For Exercise

We live in a fast-pacedworld, andat every point in time,our attention is being pulledin about a million directions. When this is coupledwith the fact that we have a fixed and seemingly limited number of hours per day and also a finiteamount of energy, people often feel inundated. For most humans, there is a constantneed for them to stay motivated if they are to live the purposeful life they desire.

Exercising is one of those human activities that are richly rewarding and satisfying, butthis doesn’t make it any less difficult to do. Most people have to draw up an exercise plan, andeven after this,there are some days when they can’t seem to find the strength or enough willpower to get out of bed and get on with their exercise plan. You are not alone. Many people find it difficult to follow through on their exercise plan in the long-term, andthis is where motivation can come in handy.

Know your source of motivation

People have different reasons for doing what they do and exercising is no different. Athletes are motivated by their desire to win and stay competitive. For other exercisers, this motivation could stem from a desire to have a healthy lifestyle, to stay in shape, to lose weight or live a more interesting life. Whatever the case may be, knowing why you’re exercising is the first step in staying motivated and seeing the process through.


The next step is to know what you are aiming for; what goal you have set out to achieve. Thisshould be so strong that it canpull you out of bed in the morning and youdo not necessarily have to push towards it. You do not necessarily need to set one goal to stay motivated; youcan set as many as you like; daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, quarterly goals, and yearly goals.

Commitment and Discipline

Thisis the distinguishing factor. Thisis what separates those who succeed from those who fail. You can build your commitment by creating routines and being disciplined enough to see them through.

Creative ways to motivate yourself to exercise

Here are a few ways to stay motivated to work out even on those days when you feel very lazy. 

  • Put on your workout clothes
  • Remember why you started
  • Write down how you feel after every exercise
  • Remind yourself what skipping a workout session means to you
  • Sign up with a trainer
  • Try exercising in a group
  • Give in to the post-exercise endorphin rush
  • Get an accountability partner
  • Surround yourself with motivation
  • Take incremental challenges
  • Write down your long-term objectives and challenges
  • Get a support system
  • Listen to audiobooks
  • Take pleasure in building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Take memorable workout pictures
  • Make exercising fun!
  • Prove your haters wrong!
  • Hang out with high energy people
  • Be in competitive spirit
  • Have the end in mind
  • Push yourself
  • Keep track of your victories
  • Celebrate small successes
  • Be proud of who you are becoming
  • Just do it!

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