Tennis Elbow is a common problem many people are suffering from. It is a condition in which the tendon in the elbow is inflamed because of an injury, tear of the tendon or any other problem. It is a very painful condition in which the movement of the elbow is restricted.  There are various activities of life that you might not be able to perform. There are different ways that can be used to deal with the Tennis Elbow pain, here we have shared a few of them. 


If you have recently noticed that your elbow is painful, and you have all the symptoms of Tennis Elbow pain it is better that you use icing. The icing on the painful region will provide you with instant relief. It would be better that you elevate your elbow to assure that sensation of pain can be reduced. After the icing process gives your elbow proper rest. If the condition is in the early stages, this ice therapy will help you instantly get rid of the pain and your tendon will be naturally repaired in limited time. 


If you want fast recovery and want to assure that you can get back your range of motion, it is better that you include a little exercise with icing. Exercise will help you maintain your range of motion and help in fast recovery. One of the simplest exercises you can use for the process is Fist clench.

You have to sit on a table and your forearm should be supported by the table. Take a small rolled towel or softball in your hand. Clench it in your hand and hold it for 10 seconds. After that release the towel and repeat the process 10 times. It will strengthen the muscles of your elbow and help in reduction of pain.  


In case you are suffering from a severe type of Tennis Elbow pain and the icing or exercise is not providing any relief, there are alternative pain relief methods.  There are a few options available– sprays, creams and medications. It is better that you spray the painful region or use creams because they are less harmful. It will reduce the pain and you will be able to work properly. However, taking painkillers is a temporary solution and you will not be able to get the results that you want. 

If you notice that you are unable to get rid of the Tennis Elbow pain it is better that you consult a specialist as soon as possible. He will examine your elbow and muscles surrounding it properly and provide you with the treatment that you need. Texas Pain Regenerative Medicine has the best team of experts. Share the issues you are dealing with and they will suggest the best regeneration treatment according to your condition to assure that you will get instant relief and you will not have to deal with the pain again. They have the most reliable medical services and treatments available. For more information, you can contact their team of experts. 

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